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As an MBA student, I typically get pinned as having a type A personality. How else would I keep up with all my work and maintain good grades? Well the truth is I’m more of a type B personality and always have been. There are inherent advantages and disadvantages to both type A and type B personalities, and many of us don’t fit exactly into one box. However, many type B personalities, like myself, feel a need to conform to type As once we start our day of work or school. There are many clear advantages to the type A archetype that should not be disregarded. However, there is also added value in diversifying personality types that gets swept under the rug when you conform. Instead let’s take a look at how a type B can succeed in a type A’s world.
type a personalty traits
1. Visual Conformity: There are certain things we are just going to have to live with to be valued employees. Your employer likely values many of the type A traits listed above. Who doesn’t want a goal-oriented workaholic on their staff? As a type B it’s our job to show the higher-ups that we are in fact working hard and working for the best interests of the company. To do this we need to display ourselves as such and adopt some type A habits. Show up on time. Show interest in a promotion. Dress to impress. And at least try to be organized. These visual cues will tell others that you have your ducks in a row and are capable of managing yourself. Now that everyone has pinned you as a type A, you can finally get back to working at your own pace and completing tasks with your own unique style. 
2. Plan for Procrastination: As a type B, I do sometimes procrastinate, and I know that. It is inevitable when you don’t stress as much over things. A secret to dealing with this is accepting it and acknowledging that you are digging a hole for yourself. I may spend a whole Saturday watching Netflix even when I know there is a big school project due Monday. Do I stress out over it and ruin my Saturday while accomplishing nothing? No. Instead, I enjoy my Saturday and ruin my Sunday by not spreading out the work. This is the price you pay when you procrastinate, but the more you plan for it, the more you’ll consider spreading the work load over time. Still, you may know that you are going to procrastinate. Just ensure that you take out enough time to guarantee that the deadline is met and that the task was done to the best of your abilities. For some, the best work comes out when they don’t spread the workload over time, and instead work incredibly hard for one period. The secret is acknowledging the problem, planning for it, never missing a deadline, and ensuring that it is your best possible work. Without all of these ingredients there’s no recipe for success.
3. Leverage Your Strengths: Yes, an employer would love a goal-oriented workaholic. However, the problem with pushing yourself with speedy deadlines and spending your free time working, is that it takes a serious toll on your mental health and can prohibit your creative juices. A work-life balance is crucial towards a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is essential towards a successful career. Workaholics are great at working, but there’s more to work than just working. As a type B it is crucial to leverage your strengths to work smarter rather than harder. Take a step back and visualize the big picture. Be patient and flexible with your ideas. And finally, utilize your creativity. Creative solutions with a relative big-picture scope is an incredibly valuable asset for any firm or client. So embrace your strengths, and leverage them to the max. You’ll add more value doing this than you ever would have had you pushed and stressed yourself into the ground. 
This past quarter I have pushed myself to incorporate select type A personality attributes into my work and school life. I will admit, I still have about 800 emails in my inbox and 100 tabs open on my web browser. However, slowly but surely, I am starting to conform to certain on select behaviors. If I can adopt the traits that make a type A successful while leveraging the strengths that make a type B valuable, I’ll have the best of both worlds. And that’s how you make it as a type B in a type A’s world. 
Post date: 201902

guitar on fireAs Valentine’s Day is next week, it brings upon us thoughts and questions about love and passion.

It’s often claimed that “passion is the key to success.” While it’s true that most business owners launch her or his business full of passion and love for their industry, service, or product line, this vigor can diminish with the test of time – just as in personal relationships.

Do you long for the good ‘ole days when you couldn’t wait to get to work, when you stayed up tirelessly brainstorming every facet of your business, and wanted to talk endlessly about your enterprise to your family, friends, or anyone who dared make eye contact? Do you want to get that spark back?

Remember, it takes two to tango, so below are some tips to put your feet back on the dancefloor.

Plan a date with your business partner, employees, vendors, and/or customers! Remember, in the end, it’s all about the relationships we have. Relationships don’t just happen. They are cultivated and need attention. And for goodness sake, don’t make the date a meeting! Find a way to Have Fun At Work!

Take inventory. Make a list of everything that’s going well, a love-list if you will, of all the things you are grateful for in (or because of) your business. Then, make a list of the needs or desires unmet by your current business situation. This reflection on your past and present may transition to your “Business Bucket List,” fueling you with fresh energy to help shape the future of your business.

Go to a therapist. It helps to talk to someone outside of your business about your business challenges. Sometimes you need a sounding board or someone to help you look at things from a different perspective. While the business advisors at the SBDC aren’t mental health professionals, we do offer you a safe (free, and confidential) place to share your business concerns and seek counsel (i.e., your inventory list from above).

Schedule an appointment with a business advisor today and declare 2019 your Year of Love. There’s no time like the present to reignite the passion for your business and we’re here to help!

Post date: 201902