The Type A's Guide to Being Okay with Being Okay

As an MBA student, I’m definitely type A: I need to get the best grade possible, and if I don’t get it, I need to know why. Of course, knowing why is never where it stops; I also need to know how to destroy my weaknesses to earn the highest marks next time, even if it means another night with too little sleep and too much coffee (in my head, I can still hear the ghosts of gym coaches past shouting “pain is weakness leaving the body!”).

How to Build Your Business - and Get Paid Along the Way

One of our clients at the Small Business Development Center ­– let's call her Allison for the sake of this story ­– came to see us recently with the question; “My company has been growing 100% year over year, we are selling our products like crazy, we have great profit margins, so how is it that everyone gets paid…but me?”


Allison is smart – VERY smart. She had a great product idea that was innovative and immediately successful from the time she launched her business part-time out of her garage.

Tax Tips on the Border

Here in Whatcom County, local business interact with a high percentage of Canadian and international partners and clients. Many employees in Whatcom County are working for businesses owned in full or part by non-US citizens, and our Higher Ed institutions continue to attract talented international students.

Canadian citizens and other internationals have personal, educational and business ties in the US. Many of these international community members are subject to IRS filing requirements.


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