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Small Business Development Center



Here in Whatcom County, local business interact with a high percentage of Canadian and international partners and clients. Many employees in Whatcom County are working for businesses owned in full or part by non-US citizens, and our Higher Ed institutions continue to attract talented international students.

Canadian citizens and other internationals have personal, educational and business ties in the US. Many of these international community members are subject to IRS filing requirements.

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We are pleased to announce our Whatcom County economic-impact figures for last year. 2015 was a great year and helped once again show the value of the SBDC to the local economy and business community!

Among the highlights from last year's efforts by SBDC staff:

  • The SBDC's three certified business advisors counseled 317 clients, including clients seen through its eight satellite offices throughout Whatcom County.
  • The SBDC staff provided 3,330 hoursof in-depth counseling and research ─... continue reading SBDC 2015 Economic Impact Figures