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"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
~Time, Pink Floyd

Today I want to share a little time management system with you that may just bring a new level of sanity to your day.


Because the whole "work-life balance" thing can prove to be an elusive beast.

One of my clients recently came in with this pain point:

"The business it taking up so much of my time there are not enough hours in my day!"

Maybe you can relate to that feeling...... continue reading How to Be Mindful of Your Time in Business

Sounds magical… mystical, doesn’t it? 

When it comes to marketing your business, psychographics is the Holy Grail. While business owners can usually describe the demographics of their target audience (attributes such as age, gender, household income, educational attainment, home ownership status, and ethnicity), fewer business owners consider their target audience’s attitudes or mindsets, hopes and desires, lifestyle characteristics, interests and opinions, and other psychological conditions or norms (i.e. psychographics). 

The most straightforward article I’ve found on using... continue reading Psychographics

In your mind’s eye, envision ABUNDANCE. 

What imagery comes to mind? How does abundance feel? How do you look when you are abundant? What happens in your life? 

Seriously, this is your official invitation to:

Wizard of Oz ImageFor folks new to business, figuring out how to manage one can seem a little bit like getting to the Wizard’s chamber in the Wizard of Oz. 

There’s a long road just to get to the Emerald City, there’s a guardian at the gate, lengthy hallways and multiple areas to walk through in the city. When you finally get to the mysterious inner royal chamber which is equiv... continue reading The Magical Mystery of Business - Part 1

You know that amazing, tangible sense of passion, talent and determination when you’re interacting with someone who is seeking and living their truth? Imagine a room full of women whose energy felt like that… times a million.  

That is exactly how the Daring Women event felt. Between the speakers (small business owners to Alaska Airlines board members) and crowd, it was definitely an energetic, inspiring and empowering room to be in!

While there are many points that hit home, here are few of my takeaways and an amaz... continue reading What I Learned from Daring Women