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Some of the best businesses around the world, today and historically, have been praised for their ability to stand out in their own individual market space. And for a lot of them - their success can’t be explained or put into words. In the business world, we always discuss the businesses that are able to create a “competitive advantage”, or be different from their competitors. However, when asked to share their competitive advantage, or when its studied in a classroom, most of it boils down to something along the lines of, “well they have great people who inspire creativity and innovation.”... continue reading The Value of Good Corporate Culture

Have you ever met someone who has been dreaming about starting a business for years, yet for some reason (or multiple reasons) they have just failed to launch?

What I've noticed in many people who say they want to start a new they get stuck in the tiny moments of feeling overwhelmed, caught in indecision and inaction. What follows are some tips to encourage those dreamers to finally take action.

How to Overcome Your Fears And Finally Get Around to Starting a New Venture

Feeling overwhelmed: 
The key to overcoming this sticki... continue reading Failure to Launch

As an MBA student, I typically get pinned as having a type A personality. How else would I keep up with all my work and maintain good grades? Well the truth is I’m more of a type B personality and always have been. There are inherent advantages and disadvantages to both type A and type B personalities, and many of us don’t fit exactly into one box. However, many type B personalities, like myself, feel a need to conform to type As once we start our day of work or school. There are many clear advantages to the type A archetype that should not be disregarded. However, there is also added val... continue reading Type B's Guide to Living in a Type A's World

guitar on fireAs Valentine’s Day is next week, it brings upon us thoughts and questions about love and passion.

It’s often claimed that “passion is the key to success.” While it’s true that most business owners launch her or his business full of passion and love for their industry, service, or product line, this vigor can diminish with the test of time – j... continue reading Come On Business, Light My Fire!

It can be very easy to get into quite the routine at work. If you’re like me, you roll out of the bed in the morning, eat your toast in the car on the way to work, and then slowly press start on the coffee machine as the lights turn on in the office. One of my goals for the new year is to make a few easy swaps to my morning routine and my routine in the office more environmentally conscious. 

My first swap is my drive to work. I don’t really need to drive to work. I’m fortunate to live within walking distance of my job, so my goal is to start walking to work (maybe when it's a... continue reading Easy Ways to be More Environmental Friendly in the Office