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Clever Hans - The Horse That Could Add

Clever Hans - The Horse That Could Add


Authored by: Asche Rider

Have you ever heard the story about the horse that could add?

clever Hans the horse that could add

“Known as Clever Hans, the animal could answer questions, with 90% accuracy, by tapping his hoof.”

Wow! What a horse!

Clever Hans is the topic of an excellent blog post written on Farnam Street, by Shane Parrish.

Parrish writes about the horse and the ‘secret weapon’ that helped him answer questions correctly. The great news is that Clever Han’s secret weapon is available for all of us, and “the effect holds up for everything from rats to CEO’s”!

It’s a nine minute read and you can use the main concept every day to make yourself and everyone around you better. Read about Clever Hans - What is the secret to his 90% accuracy?