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Tax Tips on the Border

Tax Tips on the Border

Here in Whatcom County, local business interact with a high percentage of Canadian and international partners and clients. Many employees in Whatcom County are working for businesses owned in full or part by non-US citizens, and our Higher Ed institutions continue to attract talented international students.

Canadian citizens and other internationals have personal, educational and business ties in the US. Many of these international community members are subject to IRS filing requirements.

Thankfully the IRS has a special section on their website to help decipher our international tax structure and key types of international taxpayers:

There are five basic types:

  1. Taxpayers Living Abroad
  2. Resident Aliens (not a US Citizen, but living legally in the US)
  3. Foreign Students
  4. Territory Residents
  5. Non-Resident Aliens


Others that may have filing requirements include Athletics and Entertainers, Agricultural Workers and Au Pairs. This IRS site has a "Tax Topic Index" for quickly finding topics of interest to you.

In addition, as a nod to the popularity of video today, here are six new YouTube videos the IRS has put together on common issues that international taxpayers face.