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Small Business Development Center

Growing A Business

Growing A Business

Growth can be tricky...and dangerous. We like to help our clients grow smart.

If a small business has a problem with growth, it’s usually one of three issues:

1. The business isn’t growing fast enough

2. The growth is uncontrolled or unplanned

3. The growth isn't profitable

The SBDC has experienced advisors who can help small businesses create a strategy and action plan for smart growth that includes attention to each of the major areas of a small business: operations, finance, marketing, and the human resources that are needed to support the plan.

As part of the SBDC’s assistance, advisors will help a small business owner assess the business’s current situation and needs, create goals for the future direction of the business, and formulate plans for each area of the business to reach those goals. The plans will include strategies for acquiring the needed resources (human, physical, intellectual, and financial) to achieve success.