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How to Create a Dynamic and Fun Working Environment

How to Create a Dynamic and Fun Working Environment

As adapted and suggested by motivational keynote speaker, Jody Urquhart, consider your workplace and identify:

Do you regularly hear employees laughing or see them smiling at work?

When something funny happens at work, do people stop and appreciate the humor?
YES     NO

Does your workplace have a fun activity at least once per month?

Are employees invited or encouraged to participate in having fun at work?

Are managers/owners usually optimistic and happy at work?

If you answered no to two or more of the questions above, your workplace probably suffers from “terminal seriousness,” which is negatively affecting morale and productivity.

OK, so you believe a little fun and laughter couldn’t hurt your workplace, but how can such be integrated without being corny, overly time consuming, or costly?

Here at the SBDC, we circulate around town and support local businesses while participating in Western Wednesdays ( at least once per month. While donning Western apparel entitles all staff to merchant discounts, the added dose of fun comes with one of us occassionally sporting a Viking helmet.

sbdc team enjoying Western Wednesday

In case you need some sources to back up the claim that fun in the workplace boosts creativity, productivity, loyalty, satisfaction, and profits in the workplace, here are several articles to share with your boss (oops, is that you who needs convincing?!):

Join the SBDC Team in creating a dynamic, fun working environment by:

  • Posting a picture of your employee(s) having fun at work
  • Telling us about morale-boosting ideas or programs you’ve put in place at your workplace

If you are stumped about how to start having more fun at work, here is a great compilation of ideas:

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Authored by: Sherri Daymon