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Inequality Is Everywhere


Safer, Stronger, Together: Your health and safety is our priorityThe “Safer. Stronger. Together.” campaign supports our local businesses to reopen safely. The campaign brings businesses together to learn and problem-solve the best ways to follow public health guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Participating businesses have pledged to follow health and safety guidelines, so you know they are doing their part to keep you safe. You can find campaign materials, additional resources, and more information at

The “Safer. Stronger. Together.” campaign was produced through a partnership between the Whatcom County Health Department and the Port of Bellingham’s Regional Economic Partnership, in collaboration with Chambers of Commerce, Whatcom County Tourism, and Downtown Business Partnerships. It’s a part of the work of the COVID-19 Employer Support Task Force.

Inequality Is Everywhere


Authored by: Eric Grimstead

From 80/20 to 1% - The Power of Accumulative Advantage

Pareto's Principle

In business we often hear about Pareto's Principle, or the 80/20 rule, where you can expect things like:

  • 20% of your customers may account for 80% of your sales
  • 20% of your products/services deliver 80% of your company's profits

Have you ever wondered about where that theory came from?

Well so did I! While researching the subject, I came across this fascinating article about Vilfredo Pareto (just sort of rolls off your tongue doesn't it?) - written by James Clear who writes about habits and human potential.

It's an interesting read that explores some fascinating examples in the how even in professional sports you can see a few franchises winning the majority of championships even in times where salary caps and free agency would seem to make it a more, um...level playing field.