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Finding Interns

Finding Interns

About Internships

Hiring an intern is a great way to add a diverse set of skills and ideas to a business. Internships provide students with an environment to learn and the opportunity to help businesses grow.

There are many things to consider when hiring an intern and although the process is relatively straight forward, the following information is essential in making the procedure as seamless as possible.

The Internship Process

The internship will be designed by the business to ensure that the position meets the unique needs of the company. Internships can:

  • Be full-time or part-time
  • Be highly structured or very independent
  • Be paid or unpaid
  • Vary in time (i.e. 1 quarter or 1 year)

Technical skills and current theoretical framework are just a couple of assets interns can provide a business. An intern can also assist with:

  • The execution of a special project
  • Offering fresh ideas and creative thinking
  • Providing extra help during periods of high volume
  • Conducting research

Hiring an intern also gives the business a chance to "interview" a potential employee before hiring them permanently.

Be sure to consider the following when designing an internship:

  • What training/orientation will be required of the intern?
  • Where will the workspace be located?
  • What equipment will the intern need?
  • What hours will the intern be working?
  • What department will the intern be working in and who will supervise them?

How to Find an Intern

In depth guide to the process of hiring an intern:

WWU Employer's Guided to Developing an Internship

Sample Intern Job Description

To find a Western Washington University intern, contact:

Jenny Spurgin, MBA

Employer Outreach Manager
Career Services Center
Western Washington University
Tel: (360) 650-4621

For more information on services that are available to employers visit WWU's Career Services Center.