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Small Business Development Center

Managing A Business

Managing A Business

Managing A Business

One area of managing a business that the Western Washington University SBDC can help you with is hiring and managing employees. We have recently partnered with the Northwest Workforce Council to bring On The Job Training opportunities to Whatcom County employers

Often, it can be a huge challenge for small business owners to recruit and retain key staff. The task becomes more time consuming as the business grows. Hiring employees is a big step to take but is critical for business growth. One of the most frequent questions we hear from our clients is, “When do I know it's the right time to hire employees, and what do I need to do?”

The SBDC can help you develop a hiring process for your company. We consult with business owners on:

  1. Writing effective job descriptions.
  2. Developing interview questions.
  3. Obtaining federal and state identification numbers and understanding required forms.
  4. Hiring and retaining employees.


We have several business management tools and resources to share with you. Contact our local SBDC office to meet with one of our Certified Business Advisors about all of your business management concerns.