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Small Business Development Center

Market & Industry Research

Market & Industry Research

Make Better Business Decisions with Market Research

Starting or expanding a business takes more than just a good idea. It takes good information. Your Certified Business Advisor can work with you to scope and define research requests that either the WWU SBDC staff or WSBDC Research Team will complete. Research requests can be used to find current market information on a variety of topics that will help you make educated decisions that could mean the difference between success and failure.

Areas of research include:

  • Business formation
  • Marketing/sales data
  • Specific industry trends
  • Target market demographics
  • Identification of product line manufacturers
  • Competitors in specific geographic areas
  • General management information
  • Sources of capital

Other Research Options


The SBDCnet National Clearing House has a large archive of industry reports, sample business plans, tips for success in an industry, and other business resources. For more detailed business research requests that are unique to your business, your Certified Business Advisor can work with you scope and define a research request that will be submitted to the SBDCnet research team.

Western Washington University Library

If you are a current student, employee, or alum of Western Washington University you can access a wide variety of industry specific databases, academic journals and articles, business publications and more.

Bellingham Public Library

The Bellingham Public Library has access to several databases of research articles available online. With a library card you can access market research databases like ReferenceUSA which can be helpful in building lists of potential customers if you are selling in the Business-to-Business space.