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New Business

New Business

Starting a New Business in Whatcom County

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a business in Whatcom County, you’ve come to the right place. While starting a new business can be overwhelming, the Small Business Development Center is here to help. Typically SBDC's work with established businesses who have been in business for 6 months to a year or more. We are fortunate here in Whatcom County in that our local funding allows us to see more start-ups than a typical SBDC center. That said, we typically only see about 10% of our client base as true start-ups which means we can only serve about 30 to 40 start-up clients per year. If we are unable to assist you due to our resource limitations, we will get you to the appropriate local economic develop resource that is the best fit for you and your business. Following are a few options for you to consider.

Got Questions? - Attend a Live or Online Workshop

If you simply have a few questions about how to start a new business in Whatcom County we have a couple options for you. One option is a 'lunch and learn' roundtable discussion that we host at our SBDC office. In the past we have held these Q&A sessions every other Thursday. Please contact our office if you would be interested in attending one of these sessions in the future as we may bring them back if there is enough interest. The Western Washington University SBDC also offers both live and online workshops. Topics range from the fundamentals of starting and owning a business to more complex business issues. You can see a list of upcoming learning opportunities by checking out our calendar of events.

Ready to Launch? - Meet With an SBDC Certified Business Advisor

If you have a solid business plan, a clear vision of your target market and how you will reach that market, and are close to being ready to launch we can help get you started. Or if you are seeking funding from lending institutions or investors and you have been referred to the SBDC for assistance in putting together a loan package, financial projections, pitch deck etc. contact us to inquire about scheduling an appointment.

Still in the Idea Phase? - Consider Meeting With a SCORE Advisor

If you are just thinking about starting a business and need some help and guidance through the idea phase, we highly recommend you start by contacting our local SCORE chapter 591. Our local SCORE chapter has a large roster of volunteer advisors who can help you flesh out your idea and get started developing a solid business plan. SCORE also hosts a number of classes and workshops.

Business Plan and Financial Statement Templates

SCORE also provides a number of templates from business plans to financial statements and pro forma projections. Browse their template gallery.