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A Walk or A Hike?

A Walk or A Hike?

Johnny Cash walked the line …. But should he have hiked it?

Ahhh … It’s a beautiful December morning……mountain view

I think I’ll go for a hike… or is it a walk? An urban trek? A walkabout?

This question kicked off this morning’s SBDC employee meeting, and I can’t help but wonder, what actually constitutes a hike?

Do you have to be in the wilderness? 

Do you have to be gaining elevation?

Do you have to be wearing this year’s best rated pair of technical boots from REI?

Are you required to post a nature picture on Instagram the moment you reach cell service again? (Yes, that’s for all the millennials out there!)

These questions cluttered my mind, and I knew I needed answers.

After doing extensive research on the subject, I have settled on a simple definition. A hike is:
To move up or rise, as out of place or position

As you can see, in no way does that definition refer to walking or meandering through the mountains. 

So what have I actually been doing all these years as I scamper my way into the Cascades to “hike”?

view of glacierWas it really about the scenery and the exercise? Or was it an outlet to refresh my thinking and energy?

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella recently released his book Hit Refresh and I am very eager to read it. (In fact, the good guys at UPS should be delivering it today!)

The book is said to be about “how people, organizations and societies can and must hit refresh – transform – in their persistent quest for new energy, new ideas, relevance and renewal”. 

So there it was, the answer to our question: 

A “hike” is a personal choice, to move up, and rise out of a habitual place to “hit refresh”

Boom, mission accomplished …. Check and Mate…..

But you may be asking:

How is all of this philosophical talk about hiking relevant to the SBDC?

It’s simple. 

All of us here at the SBDC encourage you to “hike” this holiday season. 

I don’t know about many of you, but it’s often hard for me to commit time to stepping away from the demanding requirements that a business can present. However, when properly executed, a “hike” can reinvigorate the energy it takes to conquer these challenges, and lead to superior results in the long-run.


The holidays are a great time to refresh and recover from a hard year’s work, before diving head first into the New Year. 

We encourage you to step out of your habitual places, pursue moments that lift you out of your daily routines, and refresh your mind. (And don’t forget, your employees need to hit refresh too!)

Cheers to another year of hard work, and a prosperous 2018!

For reviews on the book, check back in with me in a couple months… I’m a slow reader!

But, if you’re an Amazon frequent flyer like me, here is a link to Satya Nadella’s Hit Refresh

Authored by: Shane Reed