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Kitsap County SBDC

Kitsap County SBDC

Smart Business Growth Starts Here

With help from the SBDC you can make better decisions and achieve better business results. On average, small businesses that work with the Washington Small Business Development Center program generate 20% more revenue than other businesses who do not utilize our services.

Because Running a Small Business is No Small Challenge

Working with an SBDC advisor offers you the opportunity to focus on what is most important to achieve your personal and business goals. Your SBDC advisor will help guide you through the tough, strategic decisions that will drive your business forward.

Your Certified Business Advisor works 1-on-1 with you to develop actionable, strategic and tactical plans you can take away and apply to your own business

We also have a stellar network of 20+ other great minds in business, our SBDC colleagues throughout the state, who can help you discover what it takes to achieve your vision of success and overcome the challenges you may be facing.

About Your Kitsap County Certified Business Adviser

Kevin Hoult Certified Business AdvisorKevin Hoult, MBA 
Kevin channels his education and experience to help local businesses develop strategic plans, refine financing proposals, seize opportunities, expand and improve daily operations. 
Serving nearly 1,500 business clients over the past decade, Kevin has helped over 100 new companies enter the market and provided support to business owners and entrepreneurs for every stage of business life from startup to growth to succession planning.
After earning his MBA in 2001, Kevin was awarded his business advisor certification in 2007 and has served as certified business advisor in King, Skagit, Whatcom and Clallam counties, working with businesses large and small.
Prior to his career as an adviser, Kevin served in management and corporate leadership roles in retail, service and software industries and has lectured extensively on the topics of finance, marketing and business management.

Areas Where We Can Help You and Your Business

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Social Media: Strategies and Tactics
  • Website Reviews
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • International Trade
  • Business Management
  • Commercial & SBA loans
  • Develop and update business plans
  • Conduct specialized market research geared to specific needs of the business-owner

What Will It Cost?

The SBDC business advising is provided free of charge to Kitsap County small business owners due to the generous funding support we receive from our partners which include the Small Business Administration, the City of Poulsbo, Kitsap Credit Union, Kitsap Bank, First Federal, Kitsap Regional Library and our host institution, Western Washington University.

Does Your Business Qualify For SBDC Services?

We follow the federal definitions for small business. So, generally speaking, if your company is a for-profit going concern that employs 500 or fewer people (and you are NOT involved in the marijuana industry - either directly or indirectly) you can utilize our services. 

Do You Work With Start-Ups?

Yes, we work with qualified start-ups who have a clear idea of a business concept and a market and need some additional help.  Many of our startups are referred by a local bank, credit union or potential landlord who asks for a business plan or financial projections.

What We Want For You

We want to help get you moving in the right direction and break free from the, often lonely, daily grind. We want to set you on the path towards building the business that you desire. In short, we want you to stop dreaming and start doing! There is no need to ask for permission – it’s your time to have success on your terms.

Our goal is to foster a relationship of authenticity, of drive, of limitless ambition and a thirst for education. And we want to connect you with the tools, resources and community that can help you along the way.

How to Make an Appointment

The SBDC is here to help you develop the business and work-life balance you've always wanted. To get started, fill out our client intake form and we will connect you with your local advisor.

How to Reach Us

Address: 700 NE Lincoln Rd., Poulsbo WA, 98370
Phone #: 360.447.8788

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