What We Do For You

What We Do For You

We work with local small business owners and entrepreneurs to discover opportunities, overcome roadblocks, improve operations, scale-up, and steward successful business transitions. Reach out to us whenever you want to move your business forward faster, break through barriers and accelerate growth. Call, email, or register to be a client for our widely recognized, free and confidential, one-on-one, client-centered business advising, market research, and education. 

Planning a Business: Help You Get Started

Woman's hand writing on paper
Business Plans Startups

Failing to plan is planning to fail but how can a business owner plan well? Where can an entrepreneur or business owner get worksheets and templates to support an effective planning process? How can managers get team members on board when changes are needed? From startup plans to strategic planning, our Business Planning services will help you make a good plan and stick to it. Call, email, or register to be a client today and plan to succeed. 

Financing a Business: Help you Get Money

Plant with coins instead of soil
Grants Loans Crowd-Funding

Getting the money you need to grow your business has never seemed more challenging. Why do lenders want business plans? What goes into a financial projection? How does a borrower get qualified for a loan? Why was a loan application denied? Our business financing advising services help more business owners qualify for more money so call, email or register to be a client today.

Managing a Business: Everyday Operations

person sits on the floor sorting through tax documents that rest underneath a calculator.
Human Resources Management

It’s natural for business owners to want to improve business performance but regulatory changes, personnel issues, cost increases, market changes and everyday distractions get in the way. Our Business Management services are delivered by MBAs, CFOs and entrepreneurs who will serve as your accountability partners to keep you on track. Call, email or register to be a client today to improve performance and restore work life balance.

Accounting and Finance: Tracking Business Performance

Laptop balancing on a couch that has analytics information pulled up on the screen.
Bookkeeping Projections

How much comes in and where does it go? Business owners have questions like “Am I collecting the right information?” and “Are there warning signs in our financial statements” and “How does our business compare to other businesses in our industry?” Our accounting and finance advising services are focused on helping you work towards building a business of value, with financial strength and dependable business performance information. Call, email, or register to be a client today to get better insights and to take control of your business finances.

Marketing and Sales: Get More Customers and Sell More

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Market Research Pricing

Customers are evolving, competition is increasing and the rules are changing faster than ever before. Are the prices right? Are the offers attractive? Where are scarce marketing dollars best invested? Is the sales team effective? What’s a good ROI on advertising? Get more customers, sell more goods and earn more profit with our Marketing and Sales services when you call, email or register to be a client today.

Government Contracting: Selling to Governments

White government building
Regulations Procurement

Local, State and Federal governments purchase goods and services every day from businesses just like yours. What do governments buy? How does a business qualify to participate? What are the benefits and drawbacks of government customers? Our Government Contracting advising services and referrals to procurement specialists will help businesses make the most of this unique opportunity. Call, email or register to be a client today to add governments to your customer portfolio.

Exporting: Selling Around the World

Shipping containers in the water
International Trade Global Business

Selling your goods and services around the world sounds exciting but what about regulations?  How do exporters get paid? Is financing available for overseas inventories? Where are the best markets? Our Export advising services with Global Business Professionals and International Trade Specialists will show you how to grow your customer base and diversify your sales options, increase volume, reduce unit cost and extend the lifespan of legacy products. Call, email or register to be a client today to go global.

Business Sales: Buying and Selling a Business

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Succession Acquisition

Small business owners across the nation are getting ready to retire. Buying an existing business is a great way to get into small business ownership, too. Where can a business owner get the information needed to guide a successful sale? Where can a prospective buyer get an unbiased look at a business opportunity? Our business buying and selling services can help with business valuation information, market studies, financial analyses, deal structure options and acquiring financing. Call, email or register to be a client today to get started.

Industries Served

  • Accommodation & Food Services 
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting
  • Arts & Entertainment 
  • Construction
  • Educational Services
  • Health Care & Social Assistance
  • Manufacturing & Producing 
  • Other 
  • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
  • Service Establishments 
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